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Goals for 2010

34 As the new year begins, I've found myself with some interesting changes taking place, none of which I actually 'planned' on doing. But I'm looking forward to the results!

I don't usually make resolutions, because I've made too many in the past that I didn't follow through on. But I do like to set goals, and we also like to set them as a family. Goals sounds more reachable, doesn't it?

The first one I decided on was to simplify everything. Now this sounds kinda cheesy, I know, but it's really what I've been working toward for awhile. I've just decided to really go for it. I want to simplify every area of my life: finances, schedules, homeschool, housework, meals, everything. And YOU, my lucky readers, will get to share in the simplicity. I will be doing a series of posts this year sharing how we are simplifying everything.

Second, my husband, 13 year old daughter, and I are attending the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University at our church. Last night was the first session. I'm very excited about it. I've listened to Dave Ramsey on the radio for years, and have read 2 of his books. This FPU is very in-depth. I hope to put in to practice some things we've already known but didn't do, as well as to learn some new lessons.

Third, I'm joining with some friends of mine to train for a 5K run in April. I've never been a runner, but have always wanted to. One mom in our local homeschool group suggested training together, another mom found a race to join, and another one suggested an online program, and VOILA! I'm in! My 13 year old, Claudia, will be joining me.

And last, I'm reading the Bible in 90 days as previously mentioned. I'm on day 4 already, and it is quite an experience! I must confess I've never read the Bible in such large selections on a daily basis.

2010 is off to a productive start! I'm excited about the possibilities!



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