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Enrichment Classes


In our local homeschool group, we have a great Enrichment Class Program two times a year. It's a 10 week semester, with classes held on Fridays from 9-2:30. There are classes for kids from age 3 to 12th grade.

By the way, our EC program is celebrating 10 years this month! We are so excited!

So this semester, here's what we'll be taking:

Nicholas (age 4):

Chloe (age 9):

Claudia (age 13)

Little Nathan will be in the nursery, and I will be with him part of that time.

I will be teaching (as mentioned above) Little House Sewing for grades 4-6 and grades 7-8. What's funny is that the 4th-6th grade group is all girls (which I expected) but the 7th-8th grade group is ALL BOYS! So my carefully crafted plans for sewing sunbonnets and aprons probably won't go over well there! I'm still working on some pioneer, hand-sewing, boy crafts, so if you've got a suggestion, I'm all ears!

What's not funny is that the Little House Sewing book is out of print! And I don't own my own copy. (If you're a loyal reader of my Little House blog, please ignore that last comment.) So if you see one in a used bookstore somewhere, grab it!

I decided to teach Dinosaurs for preschoolers based on my new wealth of dinosaur knowledge, thanks to my 4 year old, Nicholas. He lives and breathes dinosaurs. He can identify waaaaaay more dinosaurs than I ever could. We read about them almost daily. So, what better topic to use in a fun preschool class for about 10 little 3 and 4 year olds? I've got some fun ideas in store, so I'll share them later when I have photos.



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