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Texas White Christmas

34 If you're not from Texas, then you probably have no idea what a miracle it is to have a White Christmas. Gosh, just having snow once a year is a miracle.

So you can imagine the delight my children felt when they looked out on Christmas Eve and saw what the weatherman called 'near blizzard conditions!'

What a perfect occasion for the new hats, boots, and other winter wear for a fashionable 13 year old . . .

. . . and her 9 year old sister.
This was Nathan's first snow ever, and he was very impressed.

Nicholas has been planning a snow angel for almost a year:

The kids wanted to commemorate the event with a van-sign.

What a wonderful gift from God during this beautiful Christmas season!

And we enjoyed it, because in Texas it could be another 2 years before we see snow again! YeeHaw!


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