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Read the Bible in 90 Days

34 I've read about this challenge on 2 of my favorite blogs this week, so I'm jumping in!

I've started "reading through the Bible in a year" several times and somewhere in late spring I always get behind and give up. A year is a long time. But 90 days? I like short-term goals!

So why am I doing it this time?

Because I want to be less like me, less like the world, and more like Him.

Because I am raising children who will be future adults (!) and citizens of this world. I want to be a light to them, and help them to be a light to a dark and hurting world.

Because I can't live it if I don't know it.

Are you up for this challenge? Would you like to experience the power of God's word at lightning speed? Would you like to read portions 0f Scripture that you've never ventured into? Would you like to read the Bible for the first time ever?

Then join me on this 90 day adventure into the very heart of God. It will be the best hour you spend each day, and will impact you like the other 23 hours never can.

You can purchase a special 90-day Bible, or use your own Bible and follow this schedule.

The fun begins January 1st. Are you in?


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