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How to build your book collection


I have recently discovered an unexpected, back-door way to accumulate good books for your home library.

1. Borrow a great book from a friend or family member. (Yes, borrow. Stay with me.)

2. Leave the book sitting in a location easily reached by a toddler or preschooler, such as a desk, end table, or book bag in the minivan.

3. Provide delicious drinks like chocolate milk, sweet tea, or a colorful juice for your children to drink. Make sure the book and the child are in the same county.

4. Wait . . . the children will take over from here.

5. After a day or two, you'll finally discover the spill, and seconds after that you'll realize it's not your book!

6. Purchase a new copy for your friend or relative, and keep the broken-in copy for yourself.

7. Voila! Place the book on your bookshelf and hug your children!

We like to read a lot; new, used, borrowed and sticky books. See more about our reading habits here.



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