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Fast, Easy Christmas Gift Idea

34 Framed scriptures are a fitting gift for almost anyone, and they are super easy to make at home. I like to make them to hang around my house for many reasons:

* If there is a certain scripture I want my children to memorize, I'll make it look nice and hang it in the hallway by their bedrooms, or on the bedroom doors.
* If I think a certain room could use a little somethin' new, I will design a new scripture or quote to hang.
* If a particular scripture has blessed me or I think it would be fitting for our family at a certain time, I'll fix it up for us.

I've made this type of gift in many ways for many people over the years, and it's too easy not to try. So, here are three of my examples (the rest are packed away because when I decorate for Christmas, I will put some of my everyday decorations in to the Christmas boxes until after December).

Psalm 139. I made this one when I was expecting Nathan. I used a cream-colored cardstock, cut down to 8 1/2 x 11. In Word, I typed out the scripture, changing each paragraph's justification from right, to left, and to center. Then I changed the font size for each section, enlarging the parts that I like the most. The font is one I got from a Creating Keepsakes CD.

Mother by Kathleen Norris. When I was given this book by my mother, I read it in one weekend. It's a great one. This part stood out to me and I wanted to use it as a reminder of my role as a mother.

I printed the text on vellum, mounted the vellum on green cardstock, and framed it. (The colors match my bedroom, and it's been sitting on my dresser for sometime so I can see it every single day.

Ephesians 5:15-16. As I mentioned above, I like to put scriptures on the bedroom doors. This one was made for my 13 year old, Claudia, because, well . . . I think it's obvious. I also printed this text on vellum and mounted on a super-cool, teenage-friendly paisley print and put it in a black frame.

The possibilities with this are ENDLESS!
And your family will see these scriptures and memorize them without trying to. About a year ago I did an experiment. I typed up some scriptures in a similar fashion with colored ink and mounted them on cardstock. I put about six different ones around the house without making a big deal about it. A few weeks later, I sat the family down and said: "You may have noticed some new scriptures posted around the house. The first one to quote one back to me right now will get a treat!" Claudia surprised me by quoting several of them! Within a week, both of my girls were able to quote all of them to me. They HAD seen them and could remember quite a bit, and even they were surprised!
I hope this will help you bless someone you love this Christmas, and possibly help you give something special to the person who's hard to buy for.

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