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Tim Tebow and Planned Parenthood

34 You've no doubt heard about the upcoming controversial Super Bowl ad in which Tim Tebow and his mother talk about her decision not to have an abortion.

In a society where 'choice' is the buzzword, it's amazing that Mrs. Tebow's choice is not celebrated. In fact, it's demonized. The controversial decision to actually choose life is offensive to Planned Parenthood.

It seems like they just care about women. It seems like they want to help you 'plan.'

If you are under that impression, I would like to share a few quotes from the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger:

As I've stated before, children are a blessing, and God even says that they are a reward. But Margaret Sanger saw them as an inconvenience at best, and a curse at worst. One of her overarching goals was to be rid of the undesirables (to her, that meant the mentally retarded, blacks, and foreigners), but children in general were a hindrance and as such, should be destroyed or prevented.

The current Planned Parenthood:

There is nothing about Planned Parenthood that advocates 'Planning' or 'Parenthood' today. There is nothing about respect for women or girls, and especially not families.

They define abortion as an "important medical decision" instead of the brutal murder of a helpless unborn baby.

Unfortunately, most women are clueless about the truth about Planned Parenthood, including their own employees. This video features a former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic:

Many people think Planned Parenthood is all about free birth control. But look at some recent

Planned Parenthood’s income break-down for 2006-2007 fiscal year
*PP clinic income: $356.9 million
*PP Government grants and contracts: $336.7 million
*Total profit: $114.8 million
*Total income: $1.02 billion

2006 Planned Parenthood service numbers*Number of abortions (medical and surgical): 289,750
*Total number of abortions per week: 5,572
*Adoption referrals: 2,410
*Ratio of adoption referrals to abortions: 1 per 120

2007 Planned Parenthood Annual Survey
*Total number of PP clinics: 855
*Total number of non-express clinics: 814
*Express clinics: 41
*Total number of PP clinics that perform surgical and/or medical abortions: 287
*Total number of affiliates: 108
*Number of clinics that started doing abortions in 2007: 55

Other random information*Highest number of PP non-express clinics: 938 in 1995
*Total number of PP clinics in 2006: 859
*Number of states that do NOT give money to PP: 6 according to 2006 ALL study

All of this information can be found by simply looking for it. Let's share it with the large population of girls and women who are championing 'choice' and 'rights' and help them to see that there is SO much more going on here.

Most of all, let's remind Americans that children are a blessing, and they are our future.

If this information is new to you, please visit Focus on the Family for more information and resources.


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