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Muslim or not . . .


If you've watched any news or listened to talk radio, you've no doubt heard about the controversy around President Obama's reaction to the shooting at Ft. Hood. He spoke for a full 2 minutes about a conference with Indian tribes before speaking about the tragedy:

It is sad that he would not immediately address the situation. There are many theories about why Obama does the things he does. But if you look at the bare facts, it's easier to think clearly:

Fact 1: The shooter has ties to Islamic terrorists
Fact 2: The shooter yelled "Allahu Akbar" which means "Allah is great"
Fact 3: Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because of his efforts at international diplomacy (i.e. with the Muslim world)

Obama knew the details of the shooting. He is the President. He would be notified about the details just as quickly as George W. Bush was notified of the September 11 tragedy on live TV. He knew that the shooter yelled out a praise to Allah, identifying him as an Islamic terrorist.

But how could he denounce this and uphold his position as a Nobel Peace Prize winner? Even more than that, he has spent many speeches glorifying the Muslim world and the contribution of Islam to America itself.

I have to give him credit. He's true to his devotion to the Muslim world, be they the enemy of America or not. He is NOT true to the Christian heritage of America, so what did we expect? It doesn't surprise me at all. It just makes my stomach turn.

If you doubt his devotion to the culture of Islam, watch this.

An American President would normally be praising the virtues of the American people, democracy, our rich history, and the founding Fathers. Obama spends as much breath as possible espousing the virtues of a culture that sees America and the west as the enemy.

Someone, please tell me, HOW CAN WE EVEN ALLOW HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE? George Washington must be downright dizzy from spinning in his grave that such a disrespectful person could possibly hold the same high office as he. God help us all.

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