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Field trip to Frontier Village

34 We went on a really neat field trip this week with our group to Frontier Village in Denison, Texas.

This is a neat place where many old buildings from the area have been moved to one central location for preservation. There is a one room school, a church, several homes, both log cabin and wood frame, and even a general store.

The tour took about an hour for our group. We were able to walk in many of the structures while a tour guide gave us information about their age and original use.

There is also a museum at the entrance to the park featuring other interesting artifacts and a table just chock full of photo albums. The volunteers were incredibly friendly and informative.

It was so much fun to take a walk back in time and see the real belongings and lifestyles of area residents from the 1800's and early 1900's.

I will remember the tiny, one room cabin with a bed where the couch should be, a fireplace for heat and cooking, nails on the wall for clothing where a closet should be, and windows with no glass. I will keep all this in mind next time my tiny house with 6 people starts to feel cramped. I will be thankful for heat, a/c, running water, electricity, and comfy beds. I promise.


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