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BOOKS I LOVE: Elsie Dinsmore

34 My 13 year old, Claudia, suggested I title this post BOOKS CLAUDIA LOVES. She will agree that Elsie Dinsmore is the best.

Claudia first received Book One on CD several years ago. As she listened to them, the rest of the family would find themselves listening in. Soon, Claudia received the 2nd and 3rd audio books as well.

It is the story of Elsie, a little girl whose mother has died, and her father is always away on business. She lives with relatives.

What is remarkable about Elsie is her genuinely good character. She strives to be good, honest, and obedient, even in the face of constant difficulty. Her relationship with her father is strained, yet she seeks to honor him because that is what the Bible says she must do. Even adults will find themselves under conviction after reading Elsie Dinsmore.

Since the audio books only go up to book 3, and Claudia couldn't wait to find out what would happen next, we began to purchase the books. They continue throughout Elsie's entire life, and are wonderful reading for older girls and adults.
The Elsie Dinsmore library is available at Vision Forum as part of the Beautiful Girlhood Collection. Here is their description:
The audio version is exclusive to Vision Forum, as is this hardcover set. Adults and children, boys and girls will enjoy the first three books on audio. Girls and ladies will probably find themselves searching out book 4 to continue the story!
There are other Elsie books on the market, but they are not the original unabridged versions from a century ago. Purchase a set for your home library, or as a gift, today!


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