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God loves kittens

34 My girls have been begging for kittens for quite some time. Especially Chloe. But since we have had a never-ending round of cats (stray and pets) coming and going, I've continually said NO.
We've never had less than 4 cats at one time over the last 5 years.

This past year, some long-loved cats have passed away. Oddly enough, another stray cat would show up to take the place of the passing cat. Every time. Sigh.

I think the girls must have secretly been praying for kittens, because . . . well . . . see below:

One day this summer while we were all outside doing yard work, Chloe came running and screaming to me from the back yard. I had the mower running, so I couldn't hear her, but it seemed something terrible had happened. Nope. She just found a litter of kittens hidden behind a tree.
Apparently, one of the strays (no, make that TWO) moved in and set up house. So now we have kittens, and the kids couldn't be happier. I told them God knew they wanted kittens so badly, and He provided them when Mom would not.
I have to admit, they're pretty cute.
No, we cannot have a puppy, too.

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