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Beach Parties


Both of my girls celebrate birthdays 18 days apart every summer. This year, we had TWO Hawaiian beach parties in a row. (You may ask, why not have one party for both girls?) We've been doing combined parties for several years in a row, so this year we split them up. They just chose the same theme.

Claudia was first. She put a twist on her party by having a camp out. She had 3 cousins and a friend, and we swam, hiked, ate, and swam some more. The food was not traditional camp out food, but I like easy clean up, so we had quesadillas (made on the griddle), cinnamon and blueberry bread with fruit for breakfast, and sub sandwiches for lunch. It was still lots of fun, and I got to relax almost as much as the girls!

My sister graciously volunteered all of her camping supplies (tents, cookout supplies, coolers, etc.) since I haven't been camping since I left home! She and I planned on waking up in the middle of the night to pull a scary prank on the girls, but we slept like babies on our air mattresses, and missed the opportunity altogether!

We also had the first cool weather of the season, and after a long, hot August, it was SUCH a blessing!

Claudia baked and decorated her cake:

First thing Saturday morning we followed the hiking trail through the woods from our campsite to the swimming beach. Never mind that we misread the map and started off in the opposite direction from the beach. Let's just say we walked off our breakfast and really enjoyed that swim!

What a fun way to celebrate turning thirteen!

Three weeks later, it was Chloe's turn. Now, she was the originator of the Hawaiian theme. She planned it in June, and waited all summer to see it come true. So, when the weekend of the party turned up stormy, I couldn't use a "back-up" plan. We postponed the party. By the following week, the weather was hot and sunny!

She was all decked out in a grass skirt, flowers in her hair, and leis.

For snacks, we served fruit kabobs, pigs in blankets, and tropical trail mix.

She designed her cake and had help from Claudia decorating it. Notice the Polly Pockets swimming and sunbathing? That was all Chloe's idea! (Don't worry; they were washed in hot, soapy water before being submerged in the cake!)

We had a fun month of birthday celebrations, and watched our girls turn one year older (not to mention graduating to teenager!).

Chloe has already planned out the next 3 or 4 birthdays . . . ice skating, Chuck-E-Cheese, camping . . . can I please clean up from the last party first?

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