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Communicating with teens (Contest!)


How you keep the lines of communication open with your teen?

It's a question that we all eventually deal with. Some of us haven't yet reached that point, while others have successfully navigated the teen years. If you'd like to learn what others do (or have done) visit Smockity Frocks to read their ideas.

And while you're at it, enter to win a $200 Visa gift card.

I have a couple of thoughts on this issue. My oldest is 12 (she turns 13 in less than 2 weeks!) so I'm just beginning the journey of being Mom to teenagers. But I've picked up some helpful pieces of advice that I have already implemented. I'll get back to you in 20 years or so and let you know how it went. : )

So what do you do? You may share your comments here, but if you want a chance to win the gift card, you need to comment on the Smockity Frocks post.

When the contest ends, I will post my favorite tips here.

Good luck!

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