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Bible Belt Town Hall Meeting


Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a Town Hall meeting with my local U.S. Representative, Michael Burgess. Since Town Hall meetings are all over the news, and it's mostly negative, I thought I'd share about one that was actually very positive.

Our county has a population of about 38,000, so it's relatively small. Our Congressman held a Town Meeting for our county, and another on the same day for a neighboring county. We had attendance of 800 people, meeting at the local junior college. By the time I arrived, there was standing room only in the overflow room. At the other meeting of the day, there were 2,000 people!

The mood was a very positive one. I won't say that everyone was cheering for Obama's health plan. But then, this is Texas, deep in the Bible Belt, so we're generally pretty conservative. However, our Congressman is also conservative, so it was actually a productive time of Dr. Burgess listening to his constituents' thoughts on healthcare, Cash for Clunkers, Cap and Trade, Czars, and anything else on their minds. As you might guess, the crowd was overwhelmingly against all of these things, and in favor of adhering closely to the Constitution, NOT raising taxes, and generally having less government involvement in our daily lives.

Are you wondering if there were any shouting matches or other drama? In the 70 minutes that I was there, there was only one lady in the crowd who stood up to disagree with Congressman Burgess. She said she was 55 years old and had many health problems, and stated that "we really need this health care bill to pass." She was instantly met with a loud chorus of "No!" and "Boo!" until a few people shouted "let her speak!" She began to speak about not being able to get employment because no company would want to insure her at her age and with her health problems. By the time she finished speaking, she was in tears.

At this point, Congressman Burgess told her to meet with him after the meeting and he would discuss ways to help her. He went on to say that he's dealt with similar situations in the past and was able to find suitable help for other people. This brought a huge round of applause from the entire crowd.

What is interesting about this lady's plight is that under Obama's health care plan, a lady of her advanced age and medical problems would find that she would not be top priority to the government bureaucrats in charge of doling out health care dollars. If you don't believe me, google Ezekiel Emmanuel or Complete Lives and see what I mean.

Read more about my views on the environment and health care, or read an old fashioned story of patriotism at my other blog, Prairie Sense.


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