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I don't normally post anything too personal on this blog, but I think it's going to have to happen sometime, right. So how about now?

This was a trying day for me. Lots of little, annoying and disappointing things happened. A rude librarian, heavy rain and traffic in the metroplex, a missed opportunity, blah blah blah. Oh, yeah. My 3 year old got his head stuck in a chair. Oh, he's fine now, but it was quite a predicament there for about 10 minutes. A little Vaseline, some pushing and pulling, crying, a couple of frantic telephone calls and a screwdriver, and he was freed. Anyway, some days all those little things pile up until you're recalling the old Calgon commercials and asking if it can take you away! That's how today was going. Before dinner was even on the table I had already cried.

Then I got online to check the blogs and Facebook. I was reminded of another family's problems, and quickly realized mine were very small. The reality of it was, I hadn't allowed myself to get involved emotionally. I knew there was a baby that needed prayers, I'd seen his photo on many other blogs, and had prayed silently for him and his family without knowing the details. I didn't really want to know.

You see, I'm a wimp when it comes to heartache. Mine, or anyone else's. I've dealt with some in my life, and I'd rather not have anymore, thank you. So when I see someone else going through such a heartbreaking experience, I tend to shy away from it so I don't have to feel what they're feeling. I don't know if it's that my emotions are always too near the surface, or what, but I just dread getting involved in another's sadness. Once I'm in, it's for good.

But today, for some reason, I was finally drawn into the story, and then was hooked. I actually followed the mom on Twitter, and I've never been to Twitter before. And once I got involved, I was totally involved. Now that little boy is on my heart as if he were my own. And now one more person is praying for him and his family.

I think this particular situation is hard because I have a little boy just a few months older than the one in the blog. I can too easily picture my own son in that situation, and I don't want to.

So, McKMama, please forgive me for not getting emotionally involved before, but know that I'm in now, and will continue to hold your sweet little boy up in prayer. And if it means dealing with reality, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."

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