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Family Designed Christmas Cards

34 I know it's only July, but if you start planning now, you'll have plenty of time to think this one over and start your own project!

This is a project we did back in 2005. It was such a huge hit with everyone we sent Christmas cards to, that we should be doing it every year. Unfortunately, we didn't get ANY cards sent out the last couple of years. Maybe 2009 will be different!

Here's what we did:

I asked both of the girls (ages 5 and 9 at the time) to draw me a picture of the nativity scene. As you can see below, (sorry for the slightly blurry photos) they each did a very cute job, and totally unique!

I color-copied their drawings onto blank greeting cards. Since there were 2 different versions, I just divided the cards in half. Some people got Claudia's drawing and some got Chloe's. Grandparents got a copy of each. : )



Inside the cards we printed a scripture, our names, and the year. It was very simple, but without a doubt the most popular card we've ever sent!

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