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Preschool Activities


If you have a preschooler, this post needs no introduction. Preschoolers are just busy little people. They have lots of energy, and they can absorb so much. So what do you do when you're trying to help your older kids with math or grammar, and the three-year-old is competing for your attention? You have a list of great ideas handy and consult it often!

I finally decided to make a list of what my 3yo can do, mostly on his own, but sometimes with help from me or an older sister. Here's what our list looks like:

Fill sink with soapy water and "wash dishes"

Use scissors, glue stick, and paper scraps and make "art"

Draw with a ruler and pencils

Easy puzzles

Preschool computer game

Block Buddies game Tangrams puzzle

Alphabet Lotto game

Wooden dress-up bear

Magnetic dress-up boy


Toy tool-builder set

Lincoln Logs

Wood blocks and train tracks

Sort buttons

Little People

Hot Wheels and race tracks

Sort big pile of "bean soup" (dried bean mix)

This list will come in handy any time of year, for any family, whether you homeschool or not! Look around your house, compile a list of the activities and toys YOU have, and then hang the list where everyone can see it. A bored preschooler can disrupt your day, but a happy preschooler is a real joy!

For more thoughts on preschool, you might like Universal Preschool.

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