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Summer Begins!

34 Imagine the surprise of two girls who are used to having school year-round all their lives, when they walk in the front door after a weekend away to an END OF SCHOOL PARTY!

While Randy was gone to pick them up, I decorated (for his birthday, which is today!) and for the school party at the same time: Balloons, a small cake, certificates, and little presents. They weren't even suspecting my change in school plans, so a big yellow poster board with the words, "School's Out!" made them whoop and holler!

They were not at all disappointed that I would require reading every day, but the daily math lesson was slightly less than exciting.

I also posted a list of "Things to do when you're bored" that I had made up about a year ago.

  • Do a puzzle
  • Ride your bike
  • practice drawing with Usborne drawing books
  • work on crochet or knitting
  • catch up on your sewing project
  • call a friend on the phone
  • write a letter to a friend or relative
  • play with Nathan
  • update your cookbook (I'll show these in another post)
  • look at Family Fun Boredom Busters book
  • read a book you haven’t read before
  • play a game with Nicholas
  • rollerblade
  • get out one of your craft projects
  • paint your nails
  • try a new hairstyle (try it out on your American Girl first!)
  • pick out clothes for church this Sunday
  • play in the backyard
  • play a computer game
  • make a card
  • organize your dresser drawers

We're off to a great summer! Nicholas (3) just took a new bottle of bubbles outside to blow them and promptly poured it all out on the sidewalk. Good times!

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