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A Joyous Farewell


Today we celebrated Joyce's entrance into Heaven. It was the most amazing service I've been to in order to say good-bye. It was the complete opposite of a funeral, and I left there convinced that I want the same when I die.

It started with Tawni Luke singing "Into the West" from the Return of the King movie. Next, Ray (Joyce's husband) said a few words, and then the Tambourine and Dance team did an awesome routine to "Shackles" by Mary Mary. We then had an exciting worship service with the entire T&D team celebrating together. Joyce loved this particular ministry, and you could see that the girls were honored to be dancing at her memorial service. Two local pastors and longtime friends of the Halls spoke a few words. Finally, the T&D team did a routine to the song "I Am Free" that Joyce had choreographed herself. The girls danced, sang, twirled ribbons, did cartwheels and flips. What an impressive and joyful scene, knowing that Joyce picked this song herself. The last couple of years have seen her in a wheelchair, using a walker, or using a cane. So this was an especially meaningful demonstration of her new found freedom.

We were told that this service was meant to be joyful, not sad, but I admit that I couldn't control the tears. Such a sweet, generous, joyful lady will be missed.


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