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Spin Doctors


Well, I've officially become the victim of Spin. You know, where the people on the other side of an issue take your words and change them to say something different?

If you read my previous post on Rebellion, then you're familiar with what I'm about to tell you. I attended a Tea Party in Sherman, Texas yesterday. I got the sudden idea to share my speech about rebellion, and so I walked up on the courthouse steps and asked to say a word. Apparently, there were members of the Grayson County Democratic Party in the crowd, observing. Here's what the local paper, the Herald Democrat, reported:

Among those gathered at the Courthouse was Grayson County Democratic Party Chairman Robert Shannon, along with four other of his party members. He said Democrats did not plan any kind of counter-protest but attended just to see what was going on and listen to what speakers were saying.

Rideout said there was not a scheduled list of speakers for the earlier session; whoever had something to say just got on the steps, took up the bullhorn, and said it.

Shannon said he objected to just one statement and that was because he thought it might urge someone with an unbalanced mind to violence.

"One lady said 'pick up your muskets and come to the front of the bus.' Someone who was unbalanced might take that as a code to shoot the president (because of the Jim Crow law that pushed black Americans to the back of the bus in the 1950s and mixing that with the musket reference). Most people are rational and would not take any bad meaning in that. But it only takes one."

Mr. Shannon, you're right. It only takes one. It only takes one person, like yourself, to take a speech that is patriotic, and supports the right of Black Americans to fight for their civil rights, and turn it into a racist comment and threat to the President of the United States!

This is how the Office of Homeland Security will take simple, peaceable protests and twist the facts to make loyal Americans look like a threat to their own country. I love my country. I've been patriotic since I was a very young girl. I would never threaten my President or my government. I just want to preserve the American that my founding fathers gave me.

You can be sure I will contact Mr. Shannon directly, and write a letter to the editor of the Herald Democrat. We have a video copy of the exact words I said, along with my written version on this blog.

My fellow Americans, please don't stick your head in the sand. Please pay attention to the news. It may be depressing, but it's real. You can't make it go away by ignoring it. By ignoring your rights, you will lose them.

And don't just watch any news. You can see by this very small example from a small town that most versions of the facts are skewed. Go to the source. Read the Drudge Report. Watch Fox News. Listen to Focus on the Family. Read Citizen Link. Listen to Glenn Beck.

Most people I talked to after the Tea Party yesterday didn't even know what I was talking about. There were over 2,000 Tea Parties all over the U.S. Imagine what it would be if more people had actually heard of them!


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