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The earth is filled with the glory of the Lord


Holy is the Lord, God Almighty, the earth is filled with His Glory

As we sang this song in church last week, I couldn't help but think, "Is the earth really full of His glory?" All I see some days is the ugliness of the effects of sin in the world: death, hate, destruction, terrorism, dishonesty, meanness, abuse . . . so I had to ask, "Where is His glory?"

Well, God gave me my answer before the song was over.

His glory is in the sunset, red cardinals, the laughter of children, cows in a pasture, a kind word, generous people, a newborn baby, a thunderstorm, selflessness, the kindness of strangers, a rainbow. . .

The Bible says if we don't praise the Lord, the rocks and stones will cry out. But, I believe that they already DO cry out. Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon? Have you stood on the sand at the edge of an ocean? Have you enjoyed the blooming of wildflowers year after year? Have you held a newborn baby just moments after birth? Creation cries out to the Lord daily with praises, giving glory to the Lord.

The earth IS full of His glory!

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