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Bedbugs? Seriously?


Yesterday, as I was driving in my car, I heard two quick snippets on the news that made me say, out loud to myself, "I feel a blog post coming on." I can't help it.

The first news bit was about a "bedbug summit" in Washington, D.C. Apparently the EPA feels that bedbugs have become such a problem that we need an international, government sponsored summit to combat these little critters. Surely not. Surely we can find better ways to spend our time and tax dollars than on an entire summit revolving around bedbugs. Surely.

The second news bit was local, from Lewisville ISD. They spotted a bobcat in the vicinity of one of the public schools. Yikes! So the district sent home notes with all the parents warning of the bobcat's appearance, and assuring everyone that it was under control. Oh, thank goodness.

Why do these things annoy me? Because, our society has gotten so dependent on ... well... everything, that bedbugs and bobcats have to become a public issue rather than something that is part of life.

Just a few short years ago, when we lived in Oklahoma, our house was in the woods. We saw deer, turkeys, raccoons, and yes, bobcats in our yard and in the surrounding woods regularly. We even saw an occasional fox or skunk. We considered it a gift from God that we could view nature from our living room windows!

We don't have bedbugs, but I have dealt with many other inconvenient critters in my adult life, like scorpions, ants, mice, roaches, wasps, bees, and raccoons. I didn't call my congressman. I just killed them. Well, not the raccoons.

Do you have bedbugs? Why not wash your sheets in something very strong and get rid of them? Look up old remedies instead of relying on your local government agency to come and spray them away.

Have you seen a bobcat? Be thankful that you did. Look while you have the chance, because they are interesting, and they are fast!

I don't think Thomas Jefferson would be too proud of his country if he saw what we were doing with the government he helped form. Bedbugs? Seriously?

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