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Support our Military


I was shocked yesterday to learn that President Obama actually wants to have our military men and women start paying for their own health care for injuries sustained in service to our country. After the sacrifice they make to protect and defend, how in the world can we dare not do everything in our collective power to see that they are cared for, treated, and returned to optimum health?

In the meantime, Obama wants to spend trillions of dollars in other government programs that benefit very few. Who benefits from the armed services? Every single American! Who benefits from research into pig farms? I don't even know the answer to that one!

Our President is the Commander in Chief of the troops. He's their boss. He says whether they go into battle or not. Their very lives are dependent on the policies he makes. Yet if they should receive injuries during their service, he doesn't want to foot the bill.

These men and women in uniform lay their lives on the line to protect us from terrorism, domestic and international threats, and to keep the peace around the world. They are already underpaid and under appreciated. This proposal by the President would just be one more ungrateful move by a country that owes everything to our military personnel.

As a taxpayer, if there is one thing I'd be glad to pay for, it's medical care for our military personnel. There are hundreds of things I'd happily take out of our federal budget to make room for our soldiers.

The term "support our troops" has never meant more than it does right now. Call the White House and tell President Obama that we must support our troops in every way we can. Tell him to stop spending money on wasteful things and put it where it matters most: to support our troops.

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