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Dick and Jane Quilt

34 This is the first quilt that I made "just for fun." It wasn't a gift, and didn't have a deadline. I was getting ready to teach a quilting class to some girls in our homeschool group (Spring and Summer 2008), and wanted to make a finished quilt from the pattern before we began.

I have always admired these cute prints from Dick and Jane books, so I decided to go for it. Now, this one is busy, but it's fun. My boys love it!

This is the back:

Here is one close-up of the front:

Here is what the whole thing looks like. I told you it was busy!

Here is another close-up of the front.

The pattern is called "Crazy Eights" because each block has eight pieces. It was very easy and fast. In fact, I made two more for baby gifts during the summer. It's perfect for a lap quilt or crib quilt.
For this particular one, I didn't use any batting at all. I always experiment with something different, so I chose no batting to make it a light summer quilt. The binding is the same fabric as the backing.
I had so much fun looking at the cute prints the whole time I was making this. I hope you enjoyed looking at it, too!


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