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Blue Log Cabin Quilt


This quilt was ordered by a fellow homeschool mom in October 2008. She wanted it as a gift for her husband. All she asked was that it be blue, and have the year somewhere on it. Oh, and no feminine prints. Well, with that kind of freedom, I was in heaven! I had been thinkin of a Log Cabin for several years, and I thought how pretty it would be in lots of blue prints. This was my first Log Cabin, and I really enjoyed the process. However, I never realized how many fabrics have flowers on them! When you're trying to avoid them, they're everywhere! So this has lots of stars, plaids, checks, and other basic prints. This one is approximately the size to fit a full-size bed.

I would still LOVE to make a Log Cabin out of scraps, for more of an old-fashioned feel.

If you love old-fashioned stuff, you might like my other blog, Prairie Sense, based on the writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder.


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